This is a wonderfully hilarious photo of all of the gentlemen shot in Black Canyon Inn: Mountain Weddings outdoor pavilion! #Groomsmen #PicturePerfect #Bouquets

We are hosting private events on Friday (24th) and Saturday (25th). If you’d like to join us for dinner on Sunday, please make your reservations online!

Tonight, Saturday March 18th, we will be hosting a private event! Please join us for dinner tomorrow evening!

We will be hosting a private event on Saturday, March 18th. Enjoy Celtic Guitar Music in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day by James Davis Friday evening from 6-9 pm! Make your reservations online.

The look on Hayley’s face is just priceless! So much love in this photo, can you feel it?!

Happy Friday everyone! We love this shot by Irving Photography! We wish you a fun and warm weekend ahead!

We will be open all weekend! Join us for dinner Friday-Sunday 5-9pm!

Awesome Review!

Hooray for awesome reviews!! Check out what Angela wrote:

“My husband and I took my parents here to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary and everything was a 5 star performance. The venue was clean, beautiful and rustic. The server was very professional, fun and helpful. The food from start to finish was just incredible. We tried […]

We see a lot of use of lanterns for centerpieces! Not only is it romantic, it is so classy too!

Talk about GRAND ENTRANCE! What a cool shot by Jenae Lopez!